All about cakes

All about cakes

A cake is a type of sweet foods and so it is served as a dessert. Preparations of different types of cakes can be simple or time taking but that completely depends on the type of cake you are preparing. In the past, cakes were modifications of bread but now they share characteristics with custurd, pastry, pies and meringues.

Commonly used ingredients of cakes

The ingredients which are often used in the preparation of cakes include sugar, flour, salt, eggs, oil or butter, margarine, leaving agents like baking powder and baking soda.

The other ingredients mainly used for flavouring are fresh or dried fruit, cocoa, nuts as well as vanilla. Dessert sauces, icing, buttercream, fruit preserves, marzipan, pastry cream, candied fruit or piped borders.

Cakes are most of the time served as celebrity dish in anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and parties. There are many types of cakes out of which some are bread like and some are rich. Baking a cake used to be a hectic process but now it has become a lot easier with the invention of machines including oven, cooking range and all. Now even starters can bake a delicious cake in no time and get appraised.

Categories of cakes

Cakes are divided into categories based on their main ingredients like butter cake, chiffon cake,  sponge cake, chocolate cake, baked flour less cake, coffee cake, layer or butter oil cakes, yeast cakes.

Flavours of cakes

The commonly preferred flavours of cakes are black forest cake, red velvet cake, pineapple cake, fruit cake, plain cake that is usually served with tea, mocha java cake, almond cake, pink champagne cake, luscious lemon cake, grand marnier cake, hazelnut almond, ginger spice, coffee and cream cake, death by chocolate cake, caramelized vanilla cake and a lot more.

Decoration of cakes

A cake that is final and baked then gets decorated before it is served to the people. This decoration can be done by frosting, topping and icing. Sprinkles can also be used to decorate a cake and they are made up of sugar and oils. They are available in multi colours and surely enhance the look of where they are topped on.

The frosting that is used to decorate a cake is usually made by powdered icing sugar or fat that can be taken from milk, cream, margarine, butter and lard. In the 20th century, advanced tools were designed to make the decoration of cake easier and so the image could be printed and transfered onto the cake.

Specials tools used for cake decoration are piping bags, embossing mats and syringes. The bag is attached to the piping tip which is filled with icing  and through this several designs can be made. Birthday cake delivery Dubai is also available and cake delivery in Sharjah is also present.

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